You Hired Us, So Let Us Do The Work

Our Concierge service will take care of  everything from small repairs, painting,  cleaning, staging and more with no money out of pocket. Luxury service for all with no compromises. See if this solution is the right fit for you.

So what is your Concierge Service?

Simply, it is a service offered to all of our clients who opt-in  in order to bring their home to the most marketable status to get the most money for their home in the shortest period of time. Our Clients can either qualify to pay no upfront cost and have the cost come from the sale of their home, or have our team put all of the professionals you need to get it done, coordinate, and then all our clients need to do is pay the invoice.



So Why Choose the Concierge Service?

This service is not  for everyone, some homes and homeowners may not need this level of service and may require our traditional listing services alone, but for those that do take part in program-- the returns are substantial to the homeowner.


The average price Increase  in a homes that chose to utilize the concierge program.

The homes & homeowners that have taken part in Velo Homes Group Concierge Program have seen a real cash-in-hand 31.7% Price increase impact to net cash take home from their listed property compared to if the property was listed without the program. 

Let's See If This Program Is Right For You!